Dinner for Less than $15.00, in Less than 30 Minutes

Today, I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor Charlie about a documentary series that he had recently watched on HBO called ‘The Weight of the Nation’ which is about our country’s obesity epidemic.

He commented on the fact that my two boys are thin. Without hesitation, I chalked up their lithe, little physiques to the fact that we eat meals at home. And, I truly believe this is the reason why weight isn’t a problem in our household. Rex and Judd eat well, but they’re not eating Big Macs, nor drinking Big Gulps.

My chat with Charlie got me thinking about overweight kids. There are literally loads of them at Rex’s elementary school. I see them everyday while walking him to his classroom. How it’s changed in the last 30 years! When I was a little girl, we had one chubby boy in my class. Just one! Everyone else was of normal weight – or, in my case, somewhat underweight. What has happened??

Unfortunately, many parents use the excuse that it’s too expensive and time consuming to make dinner at home. As someone who loves to cook, I know this is utterly untrue. And, to prove my point, I’m dedicating this blog post to tonight’s dinner.

Yep, on Friday, June, 1, 2011. This is what we ate, how much it cost, and how long it took to cook.

This meal isn’t particularly gourmet, but it’s flavorful and easy to make. Most importantly, the boys like it. No Happy Meal toys, no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, and no food coloring. And it can be made in about the time it takes to get through a fast food drive-thru.

Orzo with Shrimp and Peas

1 box of orzo (Barilla or other brand)

1 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes, drained

2 shallots minced

2 cloves garlic minced

½ cup whipping cream

½ cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 cup frozen peas

1 lb medium, peeled, deveined, uncooked shrimp

Boil orzo according to box directions. While orzo is cooking, sauté shallots and garlic on medium heat in large pan. Cook until soft. Add shrimp, peas and tomatoes. Cook until shrimp is pink. Add cream, and cook until lightly boiling. Drain orzo. Add cooked orzo to the pan and toss with the cheese. Serve with a garnish of basil and fresh pepper.

That’s it!

I bought all the ingredients today at the store, and my bill was $13.78. Isn’t this less than most fast food meals for four? And, it can be made in under 30 minutes. It sure tastes better, too. For those who like leftovers, this can make a great lunch the next day.

Oh, and Rex and Judd dig it, too!

Song of the Day: Hurry Up This Way Again from The Stylistics

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Rex Requests Lamb to Celebrate the End of the School Year

Rex officially completed second grade this week. To celebrate his big achievement, he requested that I make him leg of lamb. This kid would eat lamb seven nights a week if he could!

It’s funny because my grandma used to make lamb, and this would have been the last thing I would have asked for as an eight year old, if given the opportunity to choose the menu. God rest her soul, Grandma made old style Irish lamb that was cooked until it was an ungodly shade of grey and tough as beef jerky. It was served with fluorescent green, mint jelly which I never understand alongside boiled potatoes.

Grandma’s brother “Uncle John” was a grizzly, often times offensive fireman who frequently joined us for Sunday dinner at her house in San Francisco’s Excelsior district. To be exact, she lived on Prague Street, and Uncle John would swing by some odd ice cream store on the way to dinner to pick up a carton of mango ice cream for dessert. This was kind of a strangely exotic ice cream choice for an old Irish-American fireman who was quick to use a racial slur if he deemed it appropriate.

Looking back on this, I think Uncle John’s mango ice cream says a lot about San Francisco’s unique style – an eclectic mix of stodgy conservatism and accepting internationalism. While Uncle John probably wouldn’t have ever visited a country where mangos were especially popular, he delighted in being able to grab a half gallon of ice cream flavored with the fruit.

And, I can think of so many other global cuisine experiences that I had as a little girl that make me so very grateful that I grew up in a location so diverse.

It was a regular occurrence for Grandma to head down to Valencia Street to the Lucca Ravioli Company to pick up fresh raviolis and sauce. Anna’s Danish cookies were another family favorite. And, how could I ever forget the Chinese food at Chef Peking’s or the fresh, hot tortillas from La Azteca on Main Street in Redwood City.

After sharing my stories with others not from the Bay Area, and hearing about what they ate when they were growing up in the Midwest or on the East Coast, I realize we were really blessed when it came to food. This is probably why I have such a love of cooking and a passion for experimenting with new recipes.

I’m so proud that Rex is becoming such a little culinary expert. So, here’s his favorite lamb recipe. Serve it with some roast potatoes and a salad – just hold the mint jelly please!!!

Leg of Lamb

5 cloves of garlic

½ cup Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon of soy sauce

½ teaspoon ground ginger

1 handful of chopped fresh rosemary

¼ cup vegetable oil

3 to 5-pound leg of lamb

Mince two cloves of the garlic. In a small bowl, stir minced garlic, mustard, soy sauce, ginger, rosemary, and oil.

Place lamb in a large Pyrex or roasting pan. Slice remaining three cloves of garlic into thin slivers. Cut small gashes into surface of lamb and insert garlic slices. With a brush or a spoon, coast lamb with mustard mixture. Let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Roast uncovered in a 350 degree oven until meat thermometer registers 140 – 150 degrees (usually about 90 minutes to two hours). Once done, remove lamb to a platter, and let sit for 15 minutes. Reheat pan drippings.

To carve, slice meat, cutting parallel to the leg bone. Pour a couple of spoonfuls of pan drippings over meat and serve.

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Hungry for More!

This is my first blog post in 2012 for
One Local Family

I’m excited to once again be writing for the blog and look forward to sharing with you lots of information about cooking, food, and adventures with my two wonderful boys Rex and Judd.

Some of you know the big changes that have happened over the course of the last six months. It has definitely been a challenging time. I’ve missed writing the blog and reading your comments, but I needed to regroup before committing myself to writing on a regular basis again.

So without further ado, let’s get started, and I hope to make this blog a habit once again. If you have any ideas, thoughts, or comments, please share them!

I thought it was appropriate to start the new and improved One Local Family by telling you about a wonderful event I went to on Friday evening that helped raise funds to end childhood hunger. Called Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation, the event featured chefs from some of the top restaurants in the Valley cooking tableside for us lucky attendees. My dear friend and neighbor Charlie and I were matched up with Steven Toevs, the executive chef from the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix. He made for our table a really fantastic five course Rhode Island-themed menu that included Portuguese soup with kale and linguica, stuffed quahog and conch salad, and pan seared bass with a lobster corn hash. This was topped off with a rather spectacular peach cobbler with salted praline ice cream. Wow!!!

The chef is from Rhode Island, and he introduced us to some amazing new tastes that I’ve never experienced before. Rhode Island seafood recipes differ greatly from the West Coast varieties that I’m used to. He also included some intriguing little touches on the table like bottles of Autocrat Coffee Syrup. Apparently, this is a favorite around the tiny state. Not quite clear what to do with it. I don’t like the taste of coffee, so I’m not sure if I’ll be brave enough to try it. We also received cookbooks featuring recipes from Rhode Island.

Maybe, I need to have a few people over to enjoy some littleneck clams with Ritz crackers. Ritz cracker crumbs seem to appear in a number of recipes for some reason. Hmmm? I guess it’s not unlike my mom putting corn flakes on top of our tuna casserole! Do you remember this, Mom?

Anyway, the event inspired me to do some cooking. And, I spent Saturday making homemade shortcakes to sit beneath some fresh strawberries for a tasty late spring dessert. I also grilled some chicken breasts and made one of my favorite pasta salads that includes peppers, Kalamata olives, basil, and cherry tomatoes.

My boys and I are very lucky! We eat well, and haven’t experienced hunger. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to participate in Taste of the Nation and contribute to such a worthy cause. After such a wonderful evening, I’m looking forward to attending next year’s event! Check it out if you get a chance!

Rex finishes second grade this week. And, I always let the boys choose what they want for dinner to celebrate their last day of school. I asked Rex what he wanted. I really didn’t need to, as he always requests the same thing. Leg of lamb, Mommy!!! So, my next blog post will be featuring Rex’s favorite lamb recipe. He is definitely a gourmand in training!

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Small Business Saturday for One Local Family

If you’ve been watching any TV over the last few weeks, you’ve most likely been hit with the barrage of American Express commercials about Small Business Saturday. We were certainly inspired by last year’s event when we developed the idea of One Local Family, and we’re excited that the topic of shopping local seems to have become something far more prevalent this year.

In fact, President Obama issued a statement about the day. Here it is:

“From the mom-and-pop storefront shops that anchor Main Street to the high-tech startups that keep America on the cutting edge, small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstones of our Nation’s promise.  These businesses create two out of every three new jobs in America, helping spur economic development in communities across our country and giving millions of families and individuals the opportunity to achieve the American dream.  Through events such as Small Business Saturday, we keep our local economies strong and help maintain an American economy that can compete and win in the 21st century.”

All we can say, is a big “YEAH!”

I think the message of buying from small business is starting to sink in. We don’t need to camp out in front of Best Buy or Wal-Mart. There are alternatives to big-box retailers.

We’re excited about where the holiday presents will be coming from this year. We have to put more thought into them than usual. Obviously, we’ll be hitting the Doll House & Toy Store in Scottsdale where we love to shop for the boys. And, I’ve already put in my wish for a new clarinet from a local music store. That’s a size 2 ½ reed, Santa! I also have my eyes on a pair of houndstooth Toms wedges from Frances in Phoenix.

Next week, it’s the 5th birthday party for Judd. Yes, it will be completely local! From where we are having it (Scottsdale Gymnastics) to the cupcakes we’ll be serving.

All for now, but I hope you’ll get out tomorrow, and buy from a local business. What a nice tradition to keep going year after year!

Song of the Day: Holiday

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Hallelujah! A Good Phoenix Restaurant with Good Bread!

If you’ve read a few of my blog posts, you know that I haven’t always been enamored by the dining options in Arizona. Yes, I’m spoiled when it comes to food! I cook a lot, grew up in one of the great food cities of the world (San Francisco), and expect half-way decent meals when we eat out. Unfortunately, it can be kind of a hit or miss adventure here – even at the locally-owned restaurants.

We’ve certainly had amazingly good food at places like the Turquoise Room at La Posada Hotel in Winslow and Los Dos Molinos here in Phoenix. I like a good burger every once in a while at the Skeptical Chymist or Four Peaks, and never turn down the opportunity to enjoy a BYOB dinner at Giussepe’s on Scottsdale Road/Thunderbird.

But, I unfortunately have far more on my list of where I’ve dined over the last year that I would prefer never to return to. Here are a few of my common frustrations that I have with many of the area restaurants

  1. Crappy bread. This is a problem of epidemic proportions. Bread is too often an afterthought in Arizona with “Wonder Bread” quality slices being served in otherwise decent restaurants.
  2. Ditzy, untrained, inappropriately dressed servers. Another glaring problem that you see over and over here. I think it’s the strategy for many Scottsdale restaurants to find a “hot looking” 18 year old dressed in Spandex to gaze blankly at customers as they enter a restaurant just to prove the point that the place is cool and trendy.
  3. Uninspired desserts. If I had a dollar for every menu that features a chocolate chip cookie skillet thingie or a ghastly cheesecake, I’d be a rich lady. No thanks!
  4. Fruity iced tea. Read this rant on my biggest restaurant pet peeve.
  5. Sliders, Buffalo wings, and chicken fingers (sorry, all kind of gross in my book!)

Much to my delight, I have a new addition to my list of favorite Phoenix restaurants. It’s St. Francis on Camelback and Central. I learned about the restaurant at Local First’s festival last week, and decided to give it a try last night.

It was fantastic! The menu made sense to me. It was small and seasonal with lots of things I like to eat. I ordered mushroom soup which you rarely see on menus anymore and the pot roast. Both were delicious – a perfect fall meal. And, the bread!! I think its MJ bakery’s sourdough! Finally, a restaurant that gets it!  Service was quick, efficient, and there were no Spandex-clad hostesses to be found.

Not surprisingly, the chef Aaron Chamberlin trained in San Francisco and has worked at a couple of culinary standouts in the area La Grande Orange Pizzeria and Chelsea’s Kitchen. We’ll definitely be back, and will bring the boys next time. Apparently, kids eat free! I have a feeling the boys will really like this place.

So, as we approach the end of our year being exclusively local, it appears that there are getting to be more choices for us who don’t like to eat coronary-causing portions of fried food from non-descript chain restaurants. Thanks goodness, and I hope it’s a trend that will continue!

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A Fall Roundup of Local Businesses and One Local Event!

So, we’ve had family visiting the last two weeks, and I haven’t been as good about blogging. Of course, as a mom, writer, and business owner, time is always short, but it has been particularly busy lately!

Yet, we’ve continued to keep our local promise and wanted to share just a couple of the places we’ve visited recently along with an upcoming local event.

A big thank you to the Mardi Gras Costume Shop in Scottsdale where we were able to score some great Halloween gear for Rex and Judd. Rex found a very odd donkey mask there that he wanted. We jazzed it up by gluing fake hair to it. Of course, he also wanted hair glued to his neck, chest, arms, and legs. So, he became a unique donkey/werewolf boy. Tufts of fur can still be seen in the back seat of the car along with some candy wrappers. Hmmm. Judd, the traditionalist, went as a very cute batman.

We had a very tasty family dinner at Grimaldi’s Pizza at Scottsdale Quarter. A fun place to go, and the boys love the fact that they give kids pizza dough to play with. Of course, our two used their dough to create moustaches and beards for each other – not necessarily to the delight of neighboring tables.

Randy stopped by his favorite place to buy his coffee beans – Passport Coffee & Tea. They supply many of the local restaurants with coffee and tea, but also have a store in the Scottsdale Airpark. I’m not a fan of coffee, but I love their loose leaf tea (especially the iced tea blend) which I actually use for hot tea in the morning. Really good! Their prices are excellent, and they are very friendly. We encourage you to go say Hi to this local business and buy some of their products!

I had a run in with my bad boy cat “The Captain.” He bit me about one o’clock in the morning about a week ago because I had stopped petting him. Yes, even I need to get some sleep. I was so tired that I didn’t get up to clean the “wound.” Lo and behold, I developed a nasty infection on my thumb that quickly spread up my arm. Thankfully, our trusty dermatology practice “North Scottsdale Dermatology” was able to see me right away. Randy dutifully took my antibiotic prescription over to Sun Drugs on Via Linda so that I could get started on my two week regimen of pills. Fortunately, I’m feeling better, and I have a follow up with Dr. Rodriguez today to make sure that I’m well enough to go see Sergio Mendes at Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts on Saturday night. Yes, I love Sergio Mendes and have been collecting his albums since I was a teenager. I can even sing a mean “Mas Que Nada.”

And, finally I’m very excited about working with my friend Mary on Judd’s (and her twins Brynn and Kieran’s) fifth birthday party. We’re doing a combined party at Scottsdale Gymnastics.  Mary and I are both former gymnasts, so it is certainly apropos. Next week, we’re heading over to Simply Sweets to pick out our cake or cupcakes that we’ll be serving. Dana is a very talented local baker who has a wonderful little shop near us. She also sells baking supplies for making your own cakes and cupcakes. If you get a chance, check out her blog that showcases some of her very creative work. She’s actually expanding her store, and will next year have it set up for birthday parties and private events. I think I know where we can hold Judd’s 6th b-day!

So, that’s just a bit of what we’ve been up to lately. Looking forward to our local holidays this year. It’s hard to believe that we’re now in our 11th month of OneLocalFamily. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Oh, and if you’re not busy next Saturday, head over to the Local Fall Festival on November 12 at the Duck & Decanter (1651 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix).  Hosted by Local First Arizona, it’s a great opportunity to have some fun and learn about local businesses.  Wines from AZ, food, entertainment, and stuff for the kids to do, we’re really looking forward to going.  10-4 – See you there!

And, to get into the spirit of Sergio Mendes, one of my favorites: Ye-Me-Le

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Instead of Occupying Wall Street, Try Occupying Your Local Businesses and Banks

Being from San Francisco, passionate about civil rights, and just a tad more opinionated than most, I appreciate all that the Wall Street protestors are trying to achieve. I’m in agreement about their beefs with banks, monetary policies, and government. I don’t agree that the top 1% of the population should hold so much of the wealth. Yet, I wonder if many of these protestors have ever considered where they shop, eat, and bank. Could they be simultaneously contributing to the problem while also trying to protest against it? Have they ever thought about it?

I ponder what the impact on Wall Street and the top 1% would be if the other 99% decided not to shop at national chain stores that buy their products from China, eat at fast food restaurants that are a primary cause of obesity, and use ATMs at banks that have received bailout money?

Couldn’t one key solution to today’s woes be to simply make a pact like we’ve done with OneLocalFamily? We have spent less money this year, eaten better, and have consumed less. I’m going to a business meeting tomorrow on my bike. I made dinner tonight for my family with food purchased from a store owned and operated in my community. And, we might just go to the library instead of buying a book from an online book retailer that doesn’t feel that they should have to collect taxes when their local competitors have to.

While I was too young to be part of the activism of the 1960s, I do believe that we all have the capability of standing up against things that are not morally correct or socially functional. However, it’s how we go about doing so that really makes the difference.

Sure, I can set up a tent on Wall Street and hope I can be heard. Or, I can put my money where my mouth is and make a difference by writing this blog and hopefully inspiring a few others to join us in buying local.

How I wish a reporter would ask one of these protestors where they bank or shop. The answer would probably be quite surprising and hypocritical. I believe that change starts at home, and that if we all do our part, we’ll begin to see real impact one community at a time.

I hope that others will join us in choosing to spend their dollars locally. Together, we can make a real difference.

Song of the Day: Power to the People

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How a Toy Store Inspired One Local Family

The temps are finally starting to cool off here in Scottsdale, and it’s amazing how our little city is starting to return to life. More cars, busier restaurants and stores, and just an increasing number of people wherever you go. While I like the hot, stillness of summer in Scottsdale, the place definitely feels more alive when the temps drop below 110 degrees.

I started the weekend with a bike ride. And, then we headed down to Yavapai Park so that Rex and Judd could watch Judd’s preschool teacher (Mr. Eric) play flag football. He’s the quarterback of the team, and kind of a hero to our two boys. Not the typical thing that we do on a Saturday morning, so it was kind of fun.

From there, we headed up to The Doll House & Toy Store in North Scottsdale because we wanted to pick up a gift for our neighbors who recently had a baby girl. I personally know the owners of the toy store, and they’re fantastic and truly dedicated to what they’re doing. It’s amazing to watch how they greet customers by name, offer inspired suggestions, and maintain a level of service that you simply do not see in big box retail stores.

We found the perfect gift that the boys could give the baby – a pink and lavender dump truck! What little girl won’t need a pastel-colored truck for taking to the park and playing in the sand? And, The Doll House wrapped the gift, too! Love it!!

Last November, we were first motivated to create One Local Family because our favorite local restaurant had gone out of business. But, there was also another reason that I’ll share with you now that specifically relates to toys stores that helped launch our “local” efforts. Here’s the story.

Three years ago, I was doing some family tree research to learn a bit more about my ancestral roots. In my online search, I happened upon a name of someone who appeared to be connected to our family, yet I had never heard of him before. I called my mother to ask her about the person. She couldn’t believe who I had found. It was her cousin who she lost contact with back in 1952 in San Francisco.

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to make contact with him! He’s now living north of San Francisco. I found out that he and his mother had relocated to Los Angeles when he was just three years old, and had no contact until I found him in 2008. What an amazing discovery this was!

I quickly organized a family reunion for him to be reunited with my mom a couple of years ago, and he is now thankfully a treasured member of our family to say the least. He’s fantastic, caring, and kind, and we’ve made up for lost time by staying in close contact. He loves our children, too.

Our cousin is also transgender.

One day last November, he called me. I thought it was to just chat. However, it turned out he wanted to share something that was upsetting him. He had gone to the biggest retailer in toys (I won’t name it here, but you can guess quite easily) to buy Rex and Judd Christmas presents. One of the salespeople who he had gone to for help laughed at him and treated him terribly because he looks “different.” However, he was focused on buying the presents for our sons, and did his best to ignore the treatment so that he could send gifts to the boys.

His story broke my heart! There was absolutely no reason for this situation to occur, and it shed light on the reality that we need to have a variety of places to shop, not just one choice. We need to be able to buy from those who treat us well, and not be subject to ridicule or discrimination because of how we look.

Fortunately, we found an alternative toy store near where my cousin lives – a local shop where I hope, if he wants to buy something for the boys, he will go. I never want him to receive that treatment again. And, no retailer should ever be able to get away with treating their customers like this!

Song of the Day: Freedom 90!

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Another Local Dilemma – Boys Underwear

If you read our recent AP article, you learned that we had some challenges with buying the boys socks earlier in the year. Yes, my mother tried to solve the problem by mailing me some that she bought at WalMart. Her take on it was that we weren’t breaking our vow of staying local for 365 days because she actually paid for the socks. Hmmm, thoughts on this one?

Well, we’re facing another wardrobe staple dilemma that will soon become a crisis. The boys need underwear. I used to buy them organic cotton undies through an online retailer called HannaAndersson. They make good kids underwear.

But, this year, I can’t place an online order and run to the front door in delight when UPS drops a brown box on my doorstep filled with boys’ underwear. Nope, I have to find an alternative, a local alternative. Without Kohl’s, Old Navy, Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, or uggh, even WalMart to choose from, where do I go?

I’m on a hunt right now to find underwear that I can buy from a local store. Sorry, I’m not heading to a second-hand store for this purchase! Have any ideas? Drop me a line.

Isn’t it strange when you think that the everyday products that we don’t give much thought about are the most difficult to buy from a local business. If I need an organic, dark roast, fair-trade coffee, I can think of ten local places to choose from to make my purchase. Boys underwear – I can’t think of anywhere to go.

So, we need help, and we need it quick. Holey underwear isn’t charming, and we don’t want my mom to make another trip to WalMart.

Song of the Day: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

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A Concert and a Cold

If you read this blog, you know that we love music and even occasionally get out to a concert every now and then. This last Tuesday, we were able to escape for a date night to see two favorites who had a whole slew of hits in the 1970s – Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs.

We couldn’t miss this show at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix. And, Randy bought us tickets as an early anniversary gift. We were in the 7th row of this funky little theater with a revolving stage. Yeah!

 Well, the morning of the concert, of course, I woke up with a cold. Runny nose, sore throat, the works! I haven’t had a cold since last December so I guess I was due, and I distinctly remember several kids with snotty noses at the birthday party we attended last weekend. Needless to say, I felt like crap! Now that’s what you call good timing. Not!

Anyway, I made it through my workday, and our babysitter arrived at 6:45 to watch the boys who were delighted to have an evening off from mom and dad. We headed to Phoenix with a haboob brewing (that’s a dust storm for all of you who aren’t living in AZ), and made it to the theater with 30 minutes to spare.

Great seats right in front. Yet, I must say the legroom is seriously lacking. At 5’9”, my knees nearly blocked my view of the stage. Hmmm? Randy had an easier time of it, as my legs are about five inches longer than his even though he’s taller than me. Oh well, we were there, and I was going to do my best not to let this cold or the lack of legroom ruin the concert.

The Celebrity Theater has been an institution in Phoenix since 1963. It’s claim to fame is that no seat in the place is more than 70 feet away from the stage. It holds 2,650 seats to be exact. And, because the stage is spinning (not unlike my treasured Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, CA that was torn down in the early 1990s), you really do get to see the performers from every angle.

So, we tried to make ourselves comfortable, me with a wad of Kleenex in hand, and the show began. Michael McDonald (who is a BIG guy) sat down at the keyboards and began to play. We were so close that we could see him spitting as he belted out “What a Fool Believes” “Minute by Minute,” and all of his hits from when he was with the Doobie Brothers and when he was a solo performer. He’s a talented guy, no doubt, and seems like he’d rather play his music than chit-chat on stage. I’m fine with that.

I must say that there were some especially irritating people sitting next to us at the show. One couple showed up late and proceeded to talk through Michael McDonald’s performance. And, the two 50-something “ladies” next to me, when not guzzling their margaritas, kept having to climb over the top of my jammed in legs to dance wildly in the aisle. Yes, I get the music is good, but there’s a time and place for uninhibited, drunken dancing, and I’m pretty sure a Michael McDonald concert on a Tuesday night in Phoenix isn’t it. As these two proceeded to get drunker, their climbing over the top of me turned into downright stumbling. Hopefully, they caught my cold germs in the process!

Michael finished up his set, and soon Boz Scaggs started. He’s good. I’ve seen him a couple of times in San Francisco. I believe he still lives in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, the cold was really starting to get to me by the time he was singing “Look What You Done to Me” from the Urban Cowboy soundtrack, and I briefly fell asleep. Sorry ladies, no more climbing over this tired gal.  

Randy poked me, and we departed just as Boz finished his last song. We were home by 11pm to find two boys, the Captain, and our new two mice “Cleveland” and “Francisco” sleeping. I slept until 6:30am which is unheard of for me. I woke up feeling like death warmed over, but glad that we were able to see the show.

I weathered through the cold yesterday, but this morning, I’m heading over to Sun Drug on Via Linda to pick up something for my nose that is still running like a tap. Yes, Sun Drugs is a local pharmacy. Did you know that there still are such things? Hopefully, I’ll be back in the swing of things soon. Who has time for a cold!

And, to all my Jewish friends and family members, Happy New Year!

Song of the Day: It Keeps You Running

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