One Local Family on 1/1/11: Breaking the Starbucks Habit

All is quiet in the Levitch home on this New Year’s Day. Two boys playing with their new Wii, one dad watching football and cleaning up, and a mom who is reflecting on this somewhat significant commitment that we’re about to make – to not buy from national retail stores and restaurants for an entire year.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve busily stocked up on underwear, socks, kids shoes, and blocks of cheese to get ready for what we promised to do. And, now it’s time to live up to this commitment and begin the journey that will be highlighted in our blog “One Local Family”.

This morning, I dutifully pulled out my Mr. Coffee iced tea maker thinking all the while that there will be no visits to Starbucks for 12 months. So, I brewed myself a pitcher of Lipton iced tea. It certainly wasn’t Starbucks. Rather, it was more like lukewarm dishwater. So, among my first quests will be to find some better tea. I guess since I won’t be spending $2.45 for my Venti at the drive-thru, I can afford to splash out for some better quality tea leaves.

In fact, I figured out that I was spending exactly $17.15 per week at the ubiquitous national chain Starbucks. I seriously doubt that I could spend even half this on the highest quality tea leaves to brew my own tea at home. Hmmm, could avoiding the chains actually save us money? We will soon find out.

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10 Responses to One Local Family on 1/1/11: Breaking the Starbucks Habit

  1. val sutherland says:

    is there locally grown tea or do you just have to buy it a basha’s. If so Tetley is my brand of choice. Red Rose is best but no on seems to have that. Good luck

    • admin says:

      Going to Tea Time in Old Town this afternoon to buy some loose leaf tea. I miss Starbucks so much.

    • Revolution Tea is a local company. So you could either buy it directly from them, or you can go to Bashas. I am not sure about this, but I think Phoenix Public Market also sells tea. For loose leaf I always got to Chakra 4 at Camelback and 18th st.

  2. OK – you’re four days in now . . . how’s it going? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Yvonne:

      Craving Starbucks terribly. Today, I’m off to a local tea shop to buy tea leaves to brew my own. Then, it’s on to Basha’s – the only grocery chain owned locally. This isn’t easy, but it can be done.

  3. Good luck…I know you can do it. Two years ago I swore never to shop at Walmart and guess what….I have not broken that promise and I still get great bargains elsewhere in my small town. My life has not suffered at all…so I know it is possible. I make a point to buy local as much as possible. An added bonus of that consumer idea is all the great friends I have met at my home town shops.

    Good Luck!

    Janet xox

  4. Jennifer Burns says:

    Try Local China Mist Tea!

  5. Steve Castle says:

    If you want to buy coffee and Tea for home try Passport Coffee, it is located in the Airpark and mostly they do wholesale but they sell retail by the pound, roasted daily and almost all of the coffee is under $10 per pound. If you want a place to get your morning fix Jolta Java at Redfield and Scottsdale road. Also, Press Coffee just opened in Scottsdale quarter. We Struggle here in North Scottsdale also but there are solutions if you look hard enough. At 101 and Scottsdale you can go to the movies at Harkins and grab a bite or listen to music at the Compound. Also, small family owned Vietnamese place Called Tea Light Cafe right next to the theater that is one of our favorites. Good luck!

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