An Epiphany of Sorts on the Day of Epiphany – I Don’t Need 23 White Tank Tops from Old Navy!

Today is the Day of Epiphany for those who celebrate. I had my own personal epiphany today, too! I’ve been a mindless shopper who has amassed far too much.

This morning, I went through my closet and cleaned out the stacks and stacks of t-shirts that I’ve collected. If you live in AZ, you understand. It’s brutally hot several months of the year. And, during these months, you want to wear little else but t-shirts and shorts.

But, do I really need 23 white tank tops from Old Navy? That’s how many I counted in my closet! I’m embarrassed that I could nearly go a month and not wear the same one twice. Sure, some were not in the best of condition, but most were as good as new.

How did this happen? Well, I’ll tell you how. Here’s the familiar scenario. I go to the strip mall. In my case, it was the Promenade at Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale Road. I get what I need and then decide to pop into Old Navy just to browse. I see the new white t-shirts stacked on a table with a big sign that says 2 for $10.00. I say to myself, “Hmmm. That’s a good deal.” Then, I buy two to add to my collection. And, so it goes…

Yes, I’m guilty of mindless shopping. I don’t need any more tank tops, and this year, I won’t be buying any. Now, if I need to buy an item of clothing, I will head to a locally owned shop, and probably pay more than $5.00 for something. Yet, I paid a total of $115 for my inventory of Old Navy white t-shirts. This doesn’t even include those in other colors! Perhaps, the epiphany is that shopping local, even if I spend more on one item, will save me big $$ in the long run because I won’t be buying just to take advantage of a “bargain”.

While I definitely hope to help the economy through our efforts, I am also excited with the thought of becoming a more mindful shopper. A more mindful shopper with a few less white tank tops from Old Navy.

Today’s Song: In the Navy

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6 Responses to An Epiphany of Sorts on the Day of Epiphany – I Don’t Need 23 White Tank Tops from Old Navy!

  1. val sutherland says:

    I love this post. I went thru my t shirts a while back and sadly let go of about 10

    • admin says:

      Thanks Val. Some had sweat stains. …Had to throw those out. Some had salsa stain. And, had to throw those out. Some were maternity size. …And, some were just stretched out and gnarly. All around gross.

  2. If you ever find the time, there is a place in Old Town Glendale called “Pink House”. There stuff is super cute and super affordable. It’s kind of a trek for you, but you’ll love it.

  3. Hey there! I found this blog/post from a link you left on, where I’m chronicling a similar resolution. This post made me cringe at first – so much excess! But I had the same experience once, with shoes. I lived for about two years without wearing shoes, and then came back to my closet and had the terrifying realization that I actually owned thirty pairs of them. Thirty pairs, and I hadn’t touched them in over a year. Unbelievable. I’m slowly eliminating the collection, but man is it easy to fall into shopping traps. Good luck with everything! I look forward to seeing what other challenges you run into.

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