Another Local Dilemma – Boys Underwear

If you read our recent AP article, you learned that we had some challenges with buying the boys socks earlier in the year. Yes, my mother tried to solve the problem by mailing me some that she bought at WalMart. Her take on it was that we weren’t breaking our vow of staying local for 365 days because she actually paid for the socks. Hmmm, thoughts on this one?

Well, we’re facing another wardrobe staple dilemma that will soon become a crisis. The boys need underwear. I used to buy them organic cotton undies through an online retailer called HannaAndersson. They make good kids underwear.

But, this year, I can’t place an online order and run to the front door in delight when UPS drops a brown box on my doorstep filled with boys’ underwear. Nope, I have to find an alternative, a local alternative. Without Kohl’s, Old Navy, Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, or uggh, even WalMart to choose from, where do I go?

I’m on a hunt right now to find underwear that I can buy from a local store. Sorry, I’m not heading to a second-hand store for this purchase! Have any ideas? Drop me a line.

Isn’t it strange when you think that the everyday products that we don’t give much thought about are the most difficult to buy from a local business. If I need an organic, dark roast, fair-trade coffee, I can think of ten local places to choose from to make my purchase. Boys underwear – I can’t think of anywhere to go.

So, we need help, and we need it quick. Holey underwear isn’t charming, and we don’t want my mom to make another trip to WalMart.

Song of the Day: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

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  1. Dana Brown says:

    try Urban Kidz on Scottsdale Rd. Not sure what sizes they have but I have bought some there before for my son

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