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The Levitch Family
Scottsdale, Arizona

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  1. Just want to say I’m already inspired by reading your home page. Can’t wait to see what is coming and follow along all thru 2011!

  2. MaryLou Benigno says:

    I look forward to some honest and graphic information about your discoveries. Thank you for your efforts. Mrylu

  3. Cesar Ruiz says:

    I think it it wonderful that you have started this blog. I know it will become daunting throughout the months, but I hope you guys pull through.

  4. Angela says:

    As a new small business owner, I thank you for this and fully support you. May God bless you and your family. This takes a lot of dedication to do this, but buying local is the only way I see the revival our economy. I have tried educating our customers and it is a hard row to hoe… But I am not giving up. We have Facebook pages and I have posted the link to your blog on my page and our business page.

    Thank You Again,
    Angela West, President
    A & R Cycles, Inc.

  5. You guys rock!

    Bill Brunelle
    Project Manager
    Independent We Stand

  6. Carol says:

    Love what you guys are doing! My family trys to stay as local as we can! One of our favorite spots is Randys Restaurant. Its family owned for 30 years now, same family from day one and they are there every day! You should give them a try for breakfast lunch or dinner!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Go get ‘em! I hope many more people follow your lead and make a commitment, at whatever level, to support local resources. If you or any of your followers would like to host a project on live locally on our new site, we’d be happy to lend our support in whatever way we can. Best of luck!

    Stephanie Ellis-Smith
    VP Marketing and Communications
    earthbongo: Amplify the Good

  8. Kraig R Nelson says:

    I am both sad and mildly angry that you are spending time ranting about Apple while folks are left to discover Cider Mill Soda Gourmet Market & Sandwich Shop in Scottsdale by themselves. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      I appreciate you reading the blog Kraig, and I’m sorry that you had an issue with our saga at Apple. While we hope to focus on many local places that we visit through this journey, we also have to write about the negative experiences and the challenges that we face. Today, for example, I’m writing about Walmart and the class action suit to hopefully get others thinking about why it might be time to consider other options for groceries, etc. Because I’m also a marketing professional, I’m also sharing tips and ideas based upon what I’m experiencing in local stores. So, I hope this better helps you understand the purpose of our blog. That being said, we hope to get to the Cider Mill Soda Gourmet Market and Sandwich Shop. We’re doing our best to get to as many different types of local businesses. For example, in an upcoming blog post, we’ll be sharing our experience with a local provider of camping equipment. Thanks again,, – Julie

  9. I wish I had remember to contact you earlier. Today’s episode of Sonoran Living Live on Channel 15 (ABC) was all about buying local. You can watch some the segments on their websites. It was great, they invited local businesses to be members of their audience. Glad to see they are supporting us!!

  10. Robn A says:

    Hi Julie,
    I think you live close by our community and wondered if you’ve ever visited our family owned, independent store: Pinnacle Peak Ace Home, Pool, Paint Center. I invited you out when I saw your comment about needing landscape repair help for your home and you were so focused on local businesses–:-)! We just added a design center for those of us staying in our homes and wanting a bit of an update: flooring, cabinets, countertops (as little or as complete remodeling as anyone would want). WE HAVE GREAT PRICES AND SERVICE IN ADDITION TO FRIENDLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE TEAM MEMBERS IN ALL PARTS OF OUR STORE! We even have a gift and home accessories section (robin’s nest) with non-mass marketed merchandise–all affordable and unique. We hope you’ll visit our website and more importantly our store at the NE corner of Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale Rd: 23623 N Scottsdale Rd. It’s a great way to stay out of the HD maze with little help, less care. All while supporting your local business and community. Hope to see you soon!

  11. Anna Scott says:

    Hey One Local Family!! I am so happy to find you. Our family intiated a “12 months of change” commitment at the begining of the year and October is shop local month. In desperation I was doing a search for “locally owned gas stations” and your site came up. I am anxious to go back through you posting and find out how you have handled a year long commitment to shopping local. Every moth this year we have focused on one thing like No Money in February where bartered or went without and No Electricity in March – what a month that was!! Here are links to our blog and an article about what we’ve been up to if you are interested.

    Would it be okay if I include info on your website in this month’s blog about local shopping?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


    • admin says:

      Hi Anna:

      …Just read your story. Love it! It sounds much like ours. Sure, we’d love it if you could share our info with your community. Love that you’re raising chickens and bees. In our subdivision here in Scottsdale, we’d be in big trouble if we attempted to do this. HOAs are not always so keen on environmental friendliness.



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